Course Introduction

The best, most authoritative and professional anti-terrorism security training center in China

  • The only Life Security training base opening to public in China
  • Provide professional arrest and anti-terrorism training for domestic and foreign military guard
  • Provide risk & security management training for domestic enterprises and organizations
  • Provide high level security talents- bodyguard training for security industry
  • Provide life security training for community and juveniles especially
  • Organized and founded by numerous well-known professors, instructor and Defense Science experts team from Chinese Military Academy
  • International Security Guard Academy can provide you with comprehensive training solutions

Defense Science Teaching System

A systematic discipline suitable both for uniformed security guards and common people

Defense Science is a continuation of China Public Security University Professor Du Zhongxun’s defense skill and security science philosophy. Based on the military police combat, one attack K.O. and defense technology by SPC’s Professor Du Zhengao, with a combination of the practical application by Justice League’s Secretary-general Xinyang, summarize and create the Defense Science teaching system. Defense science is a discipline of strong practicability and wide application scope which advocates the improvements of defense awareness and concept, combined with the application of defense technology and the usage of defense equipment. It is a systematic discipline suitable both for uniformed security guards and common people

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Multi dimensional three-dimensional teaching to meet the needs of everyone
Enrollment/Defense of Security Officers Enrollment/Defense of Security Officers