Defense Science Teaching System

The Science of Self-Defence The Science of Self-Defense is a continuation of the Public Security University of China Professor Du Zhongxun’s defense skill and security science philosophy.It is based on the military & police combat, deadly blow skill and defense techniques by SPC’s Professor Du Zhengao.With a combination of the practical application by Justice League’s Secretary-general Xinyang, the Science of Self-Defence teaching system was summarized and created . This science is a highly practical and systematic subject with a wide usage scope,which is fit for Military & Police security man and also general public.

The Components of It

This Science’s System is composed of five aspects which are the concept of defense, defensive techniques, defensive equipment, safeguard, and survival skills.

Each part has its own specific classification, theoretical knowledge and technical skills. With the ingenious combination of the security defense idea, security defense awareness’ improvement, safety protection’s thinking transformation, dangerous situation management, hazard identification and avoidance theory,techniques teaching,fighting teaching and practical equipment applications,we can adopt unique teaching methods and contents according to students’ various characteristics.

The Science of Self-Defence has a wide audience,the speciality if it coexisted with its coverage. Meanwhile it has the characteristic of?strong practicability, wide application scope, strong pertinence and easy to master.

The Spreading and Application of It

As a systematic, advanced and efficient technical system, the Science of Self-Defense has provided a lot of technical training for plainclothes corps of Beijing Public Security Bureau,railway special police and air police.As a special part of police department, the firing line officers who directly facing the criminals usually stay in the high alert and danger environment.Through the study of this science,the police trainees can more easily target suspicious objects and arrest them efficiently while guarantee their own safety,then the casualties decreased,the arresting mission success rate increased and people’s assets and safety are guarded.At the same time,the Science of Self-Defence is a practical subject which is fit for all civilians and can set up safety awareness,efficiently improve individual and families’ security.The Association of the Science of Self-Defence to the Justice League(JL) will freely conduct public welfare training for a long-term through a series of long-term and regular activities,such as University students safety education lecture, JL public welfare member’s training class of defensive knowledge and civilians safety lecture.In the process of this,nearly all participants can effectively master defensive knowledge which produced by the Science of Self-Defence,they can learn about how to avoid and handle risks,most importantly,we let them master that how to promote their safety quality by themselves in their life and work.

Enrollment/Defense of Security Officers Enrollment/Defense of Security Officers