Instructor for Emergency Rescue in ISDC

        Mr. Yang graduated from Hebei University of Architecture, and used to be a first-aid instructor in a field hospital of a PLAAF division. 
He attended training of international First Aid and Safety in Singapore and obtained several certificates such as National Mountaineering Coach(level two);First-aid man for Outdoor Sport Injury; Interactive and Experienced Education Coach; First-aid instructor of American Heart Association (AHA).

        As one expert of Beijing Expert Committee on disaster prevention and reduction, chief instructor of public security education for air defense and disaster prevention "five entry" project in Beijing civil air defense Bureau, senior lecturer of Beijing campus safety project and also Tsinghua University School of Economic and Management EMBA Experiential extension trainer, he is experienced in safety training, disaster prevention and reduction and first-aid training.  

He has been an instructor for emergency rescue in ISDC since 2016 and created a professional curricula system of safety training, risk identification and reaction in public places and first-aid training.

        He is focus on:

        Safety training

        Emergency treatment


        Disaster prevention and reduction training

        Emergency rescue and high altitude project

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