Security Defensive Instructor

ISDC Instructor

Liu graduated from Beijing Xinghua University, majoring in Special Services Secretary,wu department. He served in a special combat unit of the Armed Police Force for five years,served as squad leader of operations and commandos.Liu joined the ISDC after left the army.After graduated from the ISDC,he stayed here and serves as an instructor.After so many years of experience in the army and the systematic training in the college, Liu showed excellent performance with a strong teaching ability.At present, more than 800 special police officers and bodyguards have been trained by him.And also,he provided training on capture skills for the eighth head team of Beijing Public Security Bureau.Liu has been carrying out security services for nearly 100 famous persons at home and abroad, and many times for large domestic conferences.He has rich experience in actual combat experience,security defensive technology training,VIP protection and large event protection experience.

Academic expertise/specialty: combat,twisting of joints,free combat,arresting,investigation,short stick using,dagger using and other cold weapons; VIP protection, residential security protection, security training 

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