Ding He

The Vice President of ISDC

Mrs Ding graduated in Civil Aviation University of China and acquired double bachelor’s degree in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics as an pedagogics major.Ding had been an academic leader of aviation major in Beijing Geely University,an image commissioner of China Wisdom Engineering Association, a training department director of “Love in the blue sky”International flight attendant promotion Competition,a guest lecturer of etiquette in Beijing New Time Model School,a contracted lecturer in Quanyu Education Training.Ding worked at China Southern Airlines Company in 2008,engaged in etiquette training from 2010;she had been formulating plans of improving whole image for many big enterprises,participated in setting teaching plan and the teaching of civil aviation majors in several universities,and accepted domestic famous TV programs’ interviews for many times.

Combined with the bodyguard works at home and broad,Ding created Bodyguard Etiquette subject after contacted the security industry.

Mrs. Ding also acquired many professional qualifications such as flight attendant trainer of CAAC,China Red Cross Emergency Certificate,The First class and second level of Mandarin Certificate,Senior Etiquette Officer certified by the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs and NLP Practitioner. Ding is experienced in etiquette training and image management. Presently,Ding is assuming the office of vice president of ISDC.

Academic Specialties:

Etiquette training,bodyguard etiquette,communication skills,pedagogics,enterprise image improvement,female security curriculum,children mental education,emergency medical aid, great conference & event planning,group construction,temperament improvement.

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