According to the file spirit of 2016 No.1 Notification on Recruiting New “Soldiers” from Society and college’s related requests about it, the related policies of 2016 recruiting new “soldiers” full year as follows:

ISDC 2018 Notification on Recruiting New “Soldiers”

1.Service Duration:7 days
2. 2.Requests:8-60 years old Chinese citizen,patriotic and healthy.We encourage a mini detail or a team formed by a family to sign up together.

Significance and Purpose of “Taking Service”

1. to cultivate the ability to self-living; 2. To increase talents and knowledge; 3. To cultivate good sense of organization and discipline; 4. To cultivate spirit of being hard-working; 5. To exercise stronger willpower; 6. To cultivate a toned body; 7. To improve intelligence and increase courage; 8. To increase a sense of responsibility; 9. To cultivate your honest and generosity; 10. To cultivate a good living habit of respecting order and keeping hygiene.

Training Subjects During "Service" Period

1.Single pawn weapons:Pistol,automatic rife,heavy machine gun,sniper rifle,anti-tank guided missile, mine,grenade and so on;the usage and firing practice of Special Operational Device(armored car,tank,submarine,landing boat,early warning airplane,armoured helicopter.

2. 2.Special Operations tactical subjects(gesture,lip-language,alternate cover,wildness surviving);

3. 3.Real scene confrontation (paintball,water bullets).

4. 4.Cold weapon and hot weapon hunting.(will be held in Israel,Mongolia and Russia).

"Service" Treatment

1. Meals; 2. Medical treatment; 3. Equipment 4. Logistics; 5. Security 6. Law

Above-mentioned Six Treatments will get the best professional guidance and guarantee so as to set up a modernized troops with good political quality,excellent military talents,fine spirit,strict discipline and strong logistics.

I’m a “Soldier on Reserve Service”

You will be a member “on Reserve Service” of our college after you “retired”.You can since enjoy the priority of Signing up firstly and preferential policy. (for setting up a long-term cooperation with students).

Sign up immediately to enjoy a preferential price.

Anybody can get a surprise when he signs up
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Enlisting address: International Security Defense College,No. 69 Huoshi road, Xixiaoying village, Zhaoquanying Town, Shunyi Distric, Beijing, China

Enlisting phone number: 400-669-3699

Enlisting website:

Enlisting Wechat: International Security Defense College


Fax: 010-64586552

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