What is jungle survival?

It is not an island, desert, forest or ruin, but it seems that it contains everything. It seems to be peaceful, but it actually is filled with dangers. Survival Of The Fittest will bring you to another survival environment—XX wilderness.

Since you have watched Man v.s Wild for such a long time, it is time to break the screen and walk into the real wilderness that you have been yearning for it.

There is infinite possibility......

You will meet them by chance. If you are sufficiently intelligent and brave, they will become your food, but you need them to assist you to complete wild hunt.

This will bring you to the wonderful journey of realistic environment from the virtual world.

ou and your children will learn and master more ability of hunting in the wild through the wild experience.

This will be a process for you to contact with the nature at zero distance and contest with survival environment positively.

Jungle Survival Training


Fostering the ability to living independence
Due to the excessive favor from parents and the aged,children’s excessive dependence had been formed.In the process of the activity,our instructor will guide them to do things by themselves so as to forster their ability to living independence,to strenthen their awareness of joining teamwork and sense of responsibility,meanwhile your children will be better join a teamwork.


Basic Training of Wild Survival Skills
Construction and management of camps,seeking water and foods, making fire and cooking,tracing and identifying direction,wildness survival,tool making and use,living things identification,hunt,desert crossing and so on.


Real wild survival experience
Finding foods by yourself,making fire and cooking by your self,putting up refuge by yourself,facing to all kinds of tests from the nature by yourself.If you consider it as a tourism,then you’re wrong,you may not have a good sleep and dining, the climate of the place may do not agree with you,you may suffer the mosquito bite.However,through our professional,strict and systematic training,you’re doomed to be given a unforgettable journey.
Our Guarantee

I.Expert team support

We have experienced instructor team and safeguard team for you.Systematic and scientific teaching method rest you and your children's heart in experiencing the survival journey in desert.

Food and Accomodation

All the food we provided are strictly examined by our instructor to ensure its safety;the accomodation we provides will be inspected strictly to ensure personal safety,and our instructor will shift their duty.We will take every member’s safety services seriously.

Characterist ic activity

Rich knowledge of outdoor survival and tenacious perseverance,is the necessary condition of overcoming all kinds of difficulties.Through physical and mental honing to excavate your potentials,to foster your bearing hardships and standing hard work,to strengthen your ability to handling first-aid and self-saving,surviving in wildness,surviving in high-threaten environment,handling stress,bear anything happening,organizing and planing and team working,which is also the meaning of the activity.The final purpose is to let every participant including children and parents learn and accumulate safety surviving experience in every part of the whole process.


A strong man never scares challenge.

We send invitation to you once again to finish the competition between human and nature.

Activity introduction

Registration requirements:


Take the family as a unit

1, Children participating in the activity should over 8 years old;14 year-old or above with independent self-care ability.

2, Parents should have a healthy body with no disease,wildness surviving ability,good obedience and spirit of adventure.How to register/sign up:send a text or add up liaison’s Wechat to learn more details and deal with related participating procedure.

3, All the participants need to firstly take a comprehensive evaluation before the begining,your team will formed when qualified.


Those who ever participated in defensive class and winter hunt activities family can register/sign up firstly. The combination of father and son can register/sign up firstly.

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