Institute of Agents

Project name: Institute of Agents

Project background: Aiming at legal citizens above 8 years old, we provide professional security management training,

defensive skill training, survival skill training, grapple training,cold weapon training, military training, physical?stamina training,

special training and quality training, etc.,to promote individual comprehensive quality in all-round way.

And we provide?security services for students based on it.

Targeted Groups: seven years old and above legal citizens

Project Idea: help you forge a same brilliant life of protagonists in blockbuster,

let common people possess the skill of special forces, the spirit of confidence, braveness, tenaciousness, justice, progress,

valiance and?combatant.



Curriculum Time:
Contact us to learn more details.?


Procedures and Requirements:
I. Process Setting?
1. Registering
2. Interview?
3. Payment
4.Filling in membership registry form and sign a membership agreement 5.Giving out equipment and medal
6.Leaving an ID photo

II. Requirements?
Youth class:All youth over 7 is allowed
Adult class: groups above 18 years old is all allowed.


Applying Way:
I. Telephone application?
Tel.: 18611595995 Ms. Zhang

II. On-site application
Application site: Address of Institute of International Security: No. 69 Huosi Road, Xi Xiaoying, Zhaoquanying Town, Shunyi District, Beijing(attention:No One is allowed to enter into the school randomly without reservation).


Application Expenses:
60000 RMB/year?
(The 60000 Yuan excludes the expenses of outdoor experience projects, but it contains all curriculum expenses! For anyone who wants aditionally to go out to experience with us, we will inform everyone the subsequent expenses in time. You can join it or not as your needs).

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Curriculum Details

1.Safety Management

The cultivation of safety conscious;risk identification;risk evaluation;risk avoidance;identification of hazardous article;prevention of accidents;establishment of family safety system;cultivation of safety behavior;crime prevention and cope with emergencies;security management of property;information safety;privacy security; travel risk management;overseas safety and risk management;overseas crisis response;overseas rescue and evacuation;establishment of intelligence network.



2.Defensive Training

Sexual assault prevention; Abducting prevention;Tracking prevention;Kidnapping prevention;Hijacking prevention; Forceful taking away prevention;Response to violence attack;Response to terrorist attack; Response to trample;Response to exploding;Response to shooting;Response to robbery;Response to kidnapping;Response to harassing; Response to school violence; Trip safety;Hotel security;Riding security; Food security;Self-help and first-aid;Self-help in fire;Self-help in earthquake;Self-help in car accident;Self-help in debris flow.




Mixed Martial Arts;Free combat;Free sparring;Taekwondo; Muay thai; Wrestling;Judo;Jujitsu;Boxing.



4.Cold Weapons

Short stick technology;Long stick skill;Nun Chucks;Kendo;Throwing daggers;Fencing;Archery.



5.Physical Stamina

Uninstrumented stamina training;Instrumented stamina training;Endurance training;How to avoid sports injuring.



6.Survival of the Fittest

Island surviving;Wildness surviving;Jungle surviving;Desert surviving; Polar region surviving;Hunting;Swimming;Skiing;Drifting.



7.Military Training

Pistol shooting; Rifle shooting;Tactical shooting;CS confrontation; CQB training; Swimming in battle gear; Tank driving; Driving of armored car;Warcraft experience; Submarine sailing experience; Warship sailing experience;Firing gun experience.



8.Special Skills

Snorkeling; Diving; Climbing;Rappel; Jump; Airland;Gliding; Exploratory heading;Surviving on the sea;Underwater rescue; Defensive driving; Special driving of cars;Helicopter driving; Airplane driving; Yacht driving; Control and arresting; Makeup and disguise; Important person proteciton;Investigation;Obtain evidence;Rescue; Evacuation.



9.Quality Training

Endurance capacity;Courage training;Cooperative ability training; Leadership training; Organizing ability training; Strain capacity training;Observational ability training;Memory training.


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