Chief Security Officer, CSO in short, takes charge of the entire security management and operation work in his department or institution, and directly reports to CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

Security Officer takes charge of the concrete security operation work in his department or institution. Through the professional risk management system, the Security Officer controls and circumvents risks, prevents crimes and dangers, solves potential safety risk, and makes sure the safe operation of his department. Besides, he should supervise the supplier of security service, guide their security work.

The detailed work of Security Officer includes:

1.Evaluation of risk, analysis of information, training of personnel, supervision of work, physical prevention, technical prevention, whole design of emergency plan, implementation and management.

2.Format comprehensive risk management plans and make sure the implementation of plans, understand present and future possibly existing risks and adjust plans in time according to risks and the changes of threat in necessities.

3.Be responsible to format security measures, standards, internal monitor, and coordinate the internal security work in department, including the security of information, communication, network, the appraisal of human resource, the regulatory compliance work, the management of facilities, and so on.

4.Regularly hold training in the field of security, and take charge of the security implementation of whole department.

5.Format the regulation of security management, and regularly examine and check, evaluate on the security work of every department.

6.Protect privacy of department, the safety of information, prevent network deception.

7.Format the security policy and standard, guiding policy and execution procedure of global business in precinct and department to make sure the security problems can be solved continuously.

8.Monitor the security hole of department at any time. If necessarily, need to help the security breach department improve the training schemes and mend relating matters.

9.Obtain security relating knowledge comprehensively and completely, understand the operating system of department, and every aspect of regulations and rules.

10.In the actual operation, CSO will manage unitedly the security problem to achieve the function of reducing risks and operational costs.